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Bloo Frog Fashions

BJD Costuming Journal

11 July
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Hi! I'm Hope, the evil genius artist behind Bloo Frog Fashions.

So.... Who am I? Quite simply, as I mentioned above, I'm an artist. I know that's not much to go on. What I WILL divulge is that sadly, Matt Damon had nothing to do with it. (I tried to get him involved and he was just too busy being...well...Matt)

*Ahem* Where was I...

Oh yes, I have been sewing for 20+ years, sculpting for ten, doing ceramics for goodness knows how long, and costuming dolls all my life. I even did a decade costuming theater off and on. I do some comic book work too, and some graphic illustration.

I do indeed take commissions for doll costumes. I work with BJD's for the most part but also can be easily convinced to do work for other doll types (including Blythe work which is becoming more and more a part of my repertoire). Turnaround time is about 4 weeks, but sometimes a little longer. Just email me at bloo_frog@windstream.net if you want to commission anything from me--or even just shoot the breeze. I haven't met an item I couldn't make yet. And I love a good challenge.

I also love to talk...too much. So consider yourself forewarned.